Nov 2020

“Although my art career started 30 years ago, I had never spoken with an art coach before. I felt quite nervous and vulnerable before the 1:1 session. Opening up to anyone is difficult but sharing your very personal inner creativity angst is another level. I have to say I need not have worried. I also feel insecure about Zoom style meetings. Sonia welcomed me so warmly and naturally I felt as though I’d known her for years. She was able to identify the ‘Catch 22’s’ and Creative blocks that have prevented me from moving forward with my practice. As a creative practitioner we weave a transcript between our inner and outward expressions. Within our first session I could identify my sticking points and felt a new enthusiasm to work  at undoing them and a confidence to move forward. Thank you” J. P

Dec 2020

“Sonia drew on a wealth of expertise to get me to think deeply, to encourage me and challenge me… I came away with some practical things to do straight away, and some big new ideas” R.T

May 2021

“I can heartily recommend Sonia’s services as an artistic facilitator. I’m a writer, working on a novel, a process which can be slow and halting, especially if like me, you’re prone to bouts of procrastination and doubt. What I found most useful working with Sonia was that she set me concrete goals and provided a framework within which I could write, with lots of useful suggestions about how to improve how I worked…what I got was encouragement and advice which really helped me improve my methods of working. After each session I found it easier to concentrate on my writing, so I spent less time being distracted and spent longer doing what was important to me, with Sonia really working at finding the root causes of why I let myself get side-tracked. So I’ve found I’ve been able to get much more done since taking Sonia’s sessions; I’d recommend them to others who really want to get help with achieving their artistic goals, especially if they’re struggling for motivation. It helps enormously having someone providing encouragement and really useful practical advice, whatever you’re trying to achieve; something that’s particularly useful at this uniquely difficult time.” H.D (writer, TV producer)

June 2021

“Sonia has a wealth of knowledge of artists, materials and techniques that she drew on to help me re-ignite my making process. She introduced me to supplementary creative practices that helped catalyse my primary interest which is ceramics. Having a full-time job and family can be a challenge but Sonia coached me through my blocking points to help carve out the time I need to pursue my creativity.” C.C

July 2021

I began receiving Art Coaching in November 2020. I was at a low within my creativity. I was isolated within my working, which, I didn’t realise at the time was seriously affecting my self esteem. The only direction I had was my Distance Learning MA. Which, although, feeding my creative process felt only part of what I was aiming to achieve. I had never received Art Coaching before. I’d studied Fine Art in my early 20’s, had a family and life, although I had never completely abandoned my creative output. Reentering Higher Education at 50 and trying to identify my direction wasn’t easy. So last November at the very beginning of Coaching I assessed my Art Practice as 3/10. Sonia immediately put me at ease. I felt very comfortable in speaking with her and discussing ideas. Sonia was very quick at relating to me and my work. Her knowledge and experience of both Art and Business is enviable and she uses this to develop ideas and to show what is possible. So eight months on……. My Art Practice is a 10/10 and has been for the last month. I have now finished my MA with a high result. I feel confident and excited to be moving on to a Creative Career. I have learnt how to develop my thought processes, work through my ideas process and to trust myself. I will definitely be continuing my Coaching, it is now an essential part of my Creative Process. J.P


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